Policy Statement

Ancestor-Projects.Com Policy Statement

The Ancestor-Projects.Com site draws upon the database of GEDmatch.Com, but has different policies regarding that same data. This document is meant to clarify those differences. Where there are differences between the policies of the 2 sites, this document prevails when accessed is gained to that data through this site.

The most significant difference has to do with 'privacy'. On GEDmatch, you must indicate the 'public' option before your data will be shown to people you have not allowed access by providing them your kit number or ID number. On Ancestor-Projects, access to your DNA and genealogical data is granted by default to anybody who has access to that project. This may include access to your name and email address, even if that information is not available on GEDmatch.Com. However, just because you are a member of a project, does not necessarily require that you also make any or all of your data part of that project. When you do make your data available to a project your name and email address are also shown to others with access to that project, no matter what privacy options you have selected on GEDmatch.Com.

Project Membership
Projects generally fall into 2 categories: Private and Public. There may also be some projects that incorporate characteristics of both.

Pubic projects are listed on a page that can be viewed by any visitor by clicking on a link from the main site home page. Some projects allow you to join by entering information on a form. Other projects require that you send an email to the Project Coordinator. The Project Coordinator has final authority about who is allowed to join a project, or who will be dropped from a project.

Private projects are not listed on the 'project page', and can only be joined by invitation. Generally, you must contact the Project Coordinator or be contacted by that coordinator to be eligible to join one of those projects. If you are to initiate contact with the Project Coordinator, you must learn about the project through some other means. Do not contact the Ancestor-Projects site coordinator for information.

Log-in and Passwords
Your log-in ID on Ancestor-Projects is your email address. That same address may also be used to send you notifications and verification information, but the site or its operators are under no obligation to do so. Your password is encrypted before it is put in the site database, and cannot be seen by anybody. Even the site administrator cannot read your password. If your password is lost or forgotten, it can be reset by contacting the site administrator.

Resource Management
Ancestor-Project provides the capability for the user to manage their own DNA raw data files and genealogy GEDCOM files. This means that, they can add or remove those resources to any project that they have joined. They can also permanently delete those files from the GEDmatch.Com server, if they wish. Access to all resource management functions requires that those projects be linked to the same email address that is used to log-in to Ancestor-Projects.Com. If a file has been uploaded under a different email address, you may contact the site administrator to have it changed. When you join a project, that project's coordinator also gains access to your resource management functions.

Project Policies
Each project is encouraged to publish additional policies that are specific to that project. Those project policies are not meant to be in conflict with this site policty document, and this document shall prevail in cases where there is conflict.


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